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That other blog I do

I am now firmly rooted as the editor of a blog over on the Cardiff University website titled the School of Biosciences Research Staff Group blog which was mentioned two posts ago. The course of producing it has not … Continue reading

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New review article – 3D culture of intestinal organoids

It is a relief to get the final product out to the World at large, and after a long incubation period a mini-review that we’ve been working on is now out (see the links below)… Hollins, A. J. and Parry, L. 2016. Long-term culture … Continue reading

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Busy blogging

I have been busy blogging but just not here, after launching a Research Staff Group blog for the School of Biosciences, Cardiff University back in March. It took a long while to pull together permissions and assurances, and moreover make … Continue reading

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Time for a blog refresh

With a catchy title like that why wouldn’t you read on? This is actually really just a statement of intent to express my desire to refresh this site / blog in the coming weeks. So perhaps my next blog post … Continue reading

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EDU-punk – an eye opening talk experience

I had the pleasure today of one of those rare moments – a good talk / seminar that took me outside of bench science in the best kind of way. Dr. Inger Mewburn (of @thesiswhisperer and blogging fame – see … Continue reading

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Conference buzz

It is not difficult, at least for me, to get inspired by a scientific conference and that inspiration can come in many forms. Conferences can be large so large you are in awe of the scale of involvement in your … Continue reading

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Begin at the beginning

From the outset of this blog I’ve not exhibited the most prolific approach, which frankly was not my intention, but I have realised I have neglected things somewhat. So to update, I now work on a new project in a … Continue reading

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