Currently I am a post-doctoral research scientist for the Cardiff Cancer Research UK centre within the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute; and Cardiff University’s School of Biosciences.

My current research involves the development of a patient derived organoid culture platform for a number of tissues (and cancer types).

Below is a light microscope image of colorectal organoid in cultureB-n85FSW8AA2_xl


Previously, I worked on a project also within the School of Biosciences within both the Neuroscience division and the Brain Repair Group. Prior to moving the to Biosciences I was with the School of Optometry and Vision Sciences (Cardiff University) as a post-doctoral research fellow, and before that I worked as a post-doc within the Welsh School of Pharmacy (Cardiff University). I began my research career after completing my PhD in Pharmaceutical Cell Biology (Pharmaceutics; Welsh School of Pharmacy), after having completed my degree studies in Biomedical Sciences at UWIC (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff).

Other place that I am found on the internet :-

Connect with me directly through any of the above platforms.

Note: The views and opinions I express / share within this blog are entirely my own and not that of any of my current or previous employers.


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