New review article – 3D culture of intestinal organoids

It is a relief to get the final product out to the World at large, and after a long incubation period a mini-review that we’ve been working on is now out (see the links below)…

Hollins, A. J. and Parry, L. 2016. Long-term culture of intestinal cell progenitors: an overview of their development, application, and associated technologiesCurrent Pathobiology Reports  (10.1007/s40139-016-0119-1)

The full article is available as ‘Online First’:

What I hope we have achieved is a broad overview of the world of intestinal cell cultures, from the history, through to the current state-of-the-art, and beyond. We tried to show where 3D culture of organoids (primary cultures that have never grown directly on plastic) fit within research whilst discussing the pros and cons of such an approach.

I hope that you find the review useful. If you do and want to know some more then please get in touch.

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