EDU-punk – an eye opening talk experience

I had the pleasure today of one of those rare moments – a good talk / seminar that took me outside of bench science in the best kind of way. Dr. Inger Mewburn (of @thesiswhisperer and blogging fame – see links at the bottom) presented the kind of talk that just plain made me think. It was about her journey to her own career niche, what it says about academic progression and progress, and had an eye firmly rooted on the future for PhDs.

The audience was from the Cardiff University Graduate College and so was comprised in the most part by PhD students from across the subject spectrum across the campus. They must have taken a great deal from the talk, I know I would have if I’d heard many of her sentiments some years ago. The emphasis on not just networking and social media but on taking control of career direction. I will be tuning into her blog for a read (despite not being involved directly in thesis writing any more) and looking for other words of wisdom.

Go take a look:

There is also a link to her slide stack from the talk she presented at:

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