Begin at the beginning

From the outset of this blog I’ve not exhibited the most prolific approach, which frankly was not my intention, but I have realised I have neglected things somewhat. So to update, I now work on a new project in a new area for me, although it bares all the hallmarks of being very familiar having worked around the edges of the cancer field several times in my early career.

Why change? Wholly for pragmatic reasons in this case, these are hard economic times and for many reasons I could not turn down good offers. Happily as things are working out I have no complaints to throw at that pragmatism as things are going really very well. Exploring the commonalities and differences of working in a new research environment as been enlightening along with a little challenging (learning curves have been steep here and there).

From here who knows perhaps I will get around to blogging more and who knows what else…

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