Productive good news

This week has been something of a good one, with two large pieces of excellent news.

Firstly, a paper that I contributed to was published online only journal Nature Communications.

Patani, R., Hollins, A.J., Wishart, T.M., Puddifoot, C.A., Alvarez, S., de Lera, A.R., Wyllie, D.J., Compston, D.A., Pedersen, R.A., Gillingwater, T.H., Hardingham, G.E., Allen, N.D., Chandran, S. (2011) “Retinoid-independent motor neurogenesis from human embryonic stem cells reveals a medial columnar ground state”. Nature Communications. 2:214.

The paper certainly cast a few ripples, I found several references to it in online outlets…

… it is very nice to see the immediacy of research that we are involved with.

A water drop Secondly, the other piece of good news was that, I received $1000 (US) in the form of a travel award to attend a conference later this year. Getting the award was something of a surprise, being new to the field and yet an experienced post-doc, I thought perhaps it would go elsewhere. It was an unexpected bonus.

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